Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Love Story!

Thank you Amber! I totally love this version better!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The fabric doctor is in!

My awesome Dad who has been a dry cleaner for the last 50 years and has a plethora of knowledge about that kind of stuff has decided to start a blog to help those of us (like me) who are "stain impaired" get out those stubborn stains!
I'm am pretty excited about this as I seem to call him regularly about this or that. So far there is only one post but it is fantastic. Check it out! You should also post bunches of comments about the stains you have a hard time getting out. Since he was born into the dry cleaning business he doesn't really understand that the rest of us haven't got it figured out yet. Most everything he uses is already in your house or would only cost a dollar or two. I never worried about stains or stuff like that cause Dad always fixed it but now having kids of mine own I understand better the value of knowing how to fix it. I can't wait to learn all that he knows from his experience as a dry cleaner and the father of 10 stain challenged children!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All About EGGS!

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted! I was on such a good run and then my card reader for my camera to the computer broke, or should I say was broken. Anyways I have a few posts that I have been wanting to put up here for a while. Now that my sweet hubby has replaced my card reader we are back in business; bear with me...long post ahead.
First order of business: EGGS!We have been learning and experimenting with eggs for 3 weeks now along with the book Green Eggs and Ham, and wouldn't you know we planned it (I wish I could say it was on purpose) so that it fell in between St. Patrick's day and Easter!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SAM-I-AM!This is my sweet sister Katrina who came as Sam-I-Am on St. Patrick's day to make green eggs and ham for us. And, oh boy, were they green! Spencer and Rachel and there buddies Trenton and Tyler had so much fun with this. First she read us the story and then showed us how to make them, she even let all of the kids help.
Spencer is getting so good at cracking eggs I always let him do it by himself.This is Spencer anxiously waiting his green eggs and ham. We had them color some cute place mats that showed you were all of your dishes should properly be and then we had the boys set the table.And then there are the green eggs and ham! Aren't they green!Thank you, Katrina!

Then there was the "fit the egg through a really small hole trick:

This was especially cool! It took a couple of tries but when we finally got it WOW! Spencer just couldn't get over how fun this was.

Then we have the "Naked Egg"
Have you ever taken the shell off your egg while it was still raw, and it held together? well, that was the goal here.
First you soak the egg in a jar (with a large opening) of vinegar and then after two days change the vinegar and Viola the next day you will have a naked egg.
The acid in the vinegar dissolves the calcium in the egg shell but the membrane holds it together! Isn't that freaking awesome! It would have been even cooler if I had done it with a jar that had a large opening. When the shell dissolves the egg expands without all of the pressure, thus, a hole of a jar that the egg did fit into before, will not come out of. That is why we don't have any after pictures. :(
He wanted to show off his badge he received from some police officers he talked with at Arctic Circle that day. He is not shy at all and just walked up to them and started talking.

Phew.....I feel like that has been on my TO DO list for way to long! it probably sounded like it too, sorry. Just don't read the type, look at the cute kids instead.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My cute kids!

Aren't they the cutest kids ever!!

It's moments like these that the laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, and etc....... are all worth it!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Before and After.....

This is almost a little embarrassing to post this picture I love the end results so much. Here it is, my bedroom. This is how it has looked for almost 5 years now. I had intentions of decorating my room much sooner than this, I really did! But I didn't like this or I couldn't find just what I was thinking of. So time went on and on and I grew comfortable with leaving it alone. That is until we started to sell our house. First off, I was uncomfortable with people walking through and judging how I do things around here and second, there was the ugly master bedroom.
I was frustrated that we didn't have a headboard, and now wasn't a really good time to buy one either. But Talking with my brother-in-law (shocker Ha?) He suggested just putting a damask vinyl print at the top to create the focal point.
YEAH! I loved the idea and ran wild with it.
It was an amazing process, around every turn things seemed to just fall in place or work in my favor. The down comforter was on sale at Costco because they were clearing them out to make room for summer things. The fabric and pillow forms I bought at Joann's was on such a good sale that I ended up saving more money than I spent (That's my favorite!) I put towels and a shower curtain in my bathroom to match and they were at Ross at incredible prices; I didn't pay more than 4.00 for any of them. The vinyl was a family special since Katrina (married to the brother-in-law with the great idea in the first place) has a vinyl business. I love finding a deal but this was a little unusual for me to find SO many!
I love my new room!
What do you think?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A little more practice..........

Rachel wants to be just like her mommy in every way. Little does she know how much she is already like her mommy.
I caught her in my makeup, which honestly isn't an unusual occurrence for Rachel or probably any other girl for that matter. What girl hasn't wanted to start wearing make-up before their time.
I love this picture. She is so happy with the job she has done. Honestly I think she could use a little more practice, but all things come with time. Besides Mascara can be a tricky skill even for the skilled veteran.
I love my little mini-me!